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Strawberry D-Luxe

Strawberry D-Luxe.png

Strawberry D - Luxe

3 Feminized Seeds Per Pack

Lineage - Strawberry Diesel x Smuckers

Flower Cycle: 63-68 Days

Yield: Medium High


Morphology – Strong branched xmas tree plants that have heavy vertical branching that stretch 2-2.5 their height in flower. Stretch is very productive with bud sites the entire way up. The aroma is like pungent over ripe grapes & strawberries with some musky/diesel undertones. She has a very nice bract to leaf ratio and a nice swollen look with lots of tacky resin.


How Does It Smoke – Sweet floral and fruity flavors and the effects are very heady. Stoned but upbeat and productive with a nice, relaxed body.


Growing Notes – A multi-topped plant training prior to bloom will fill in the space the best. Keep lowers stripped up nice to encourage more vertical growth. Median feed regimen will do nicely.

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