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North End Punch


North End Punch

Lineage- Hoodoo X Sangria Punch

Flowering Time: 56-65 Days

Yield: Medium High - High

15 Regular Seeds Per Pack

Morphology – You will see the majority falling in two distinct types of plants, a chunky Chem variant that will stretch 2:1, and a Sangria spear variety that will stretch 2.5:1 in flower. Both are strong vertical branching, that stack very high bract to leaf ratio flowers up to the main cola. The flowers are very frosty, with a very sticky tacky type of resin.  The terpene profile is very consistent across all types. They reek of a sweet Chemdog 91, with an underlying citrus punch mostly in the taller spear types.

How Does It Smoke – Strong punch to the head buzz. Flavor revolves around Chem honey bun on the inhale and lingering pruno wine exhale, to a sweet Chem citrus flavor on the inhale and exhale. The effects are heavy on the exhale and creeps into a sedative euphoric floaty stone. Narcotic slow motion body effects that are long lasting.

Growing Notes – Make sure to support the top 1/3, as the very chunky variety will get so heavy it may flop over. They thrive with a light to median feed regimen. They show no light sensitivity issues and are not finicky in general. They can be single cola or multi headed bush. They make great SCROG plants with productive stretch that fills in canopy space with ease. Harvest window by gland maturity “90% Milky - 5% Cloudy - 5% Amber" will do you right if you scope gland heads on the bracts. The less amber heads the better in that ratio.  Pushing beyond peak ripeness may result in some bananas pushing out.

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