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Dominion Seed Company Mascot Hillbilly Skunk





Lineage- Ether x Skunkband V2


Flower Cycle: 60-65 Days


Yield: Medium to High


15 Regular Seeds Per pack


Morphology – Bushy type indica plants with good nodal spacing that have a 1:1 stretch ratio in flower. They produce a very sticky tar/greasy type of resin and they reek of an old mechanics shop rag. Chemicals, oil, grease, and gas. Flowers are not overly dense and have a nice squish to them. 


How Does It Smoke – Strong expansive but smooth toke. The effect is very much in the narcotic realm of mind, body and soul. It taste like it smells, delicious. 


Growing Notes – Make sure to give some supports for the large colas that will weigh down the side branches. Aether is sensitive to light leaks, so please ensure you are giving them total darkness in your lights off cycle. Also if you are a “I like my weed with mostly amber glands” type. Pushing past peak ripeness, you may encounter the start of a few banana’s begin to emerge. High odor plants, so take care if that is an issue.

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