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Dominion Seed Company Mascot Hillbilly Skunk




The Seed Kompany X Dominion Seed Company Project

Lineage- Lemon G x Skunkband V2

Flower Cycle: 65-70 Days

Yield: Medium High - High

15 Regular Seeds Per pack

Morphology – You will see two types of plants, a stouter Lemon G type that will stretch 2:1, and a Lemon G SkunkBand blend variety that will stretch 2.5:1 during flower. Both are strong vertical branching. They both stack very high bract to leaf ratio flowers up to large main colas. The flowers are very frosty, with a very sticky tacky type of resin.  The terpene profile is a variance of Lemon Balm, Citrus rind, Lemon Candy combos mixed with a Grapefruit, headband, and chem funk across the board. 

How Does It Smoke – Inhale Lemon Rind / exhale lemon candy fuel with a fast onset buzz. The buzz is a very long-lasting couch lock/narcotic body with a very euphoric heady high. The smoke has a nice mouth coat to it and lingers. The flowers have a very nice spongy and not overly dense feel, and they burn perfect. 

Growing Notes – Keep them fed well in veg. And then low to median feeds in flower, they are not picky at all. Make sure to give some supports for the large colas that will weigh down the side branches. G-Rind is sensitive to light leaks, so please ensure you are giving them total darkness in your lights off cycle.

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