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Sangria Valley

Sangria Valley.jpg

Sangria Valley 


Lineage - SFV OG x Sangria Punch

15 Regular Seeds Per pack

Flower Cycle: 63-67 days

Yield: Medium High


Morphology – The Sangria Punch leaners stretch 2.5-3.5 times in height. The SFV leaners, very closely resembled the SFV mom as far as their structure and growth rate. In flower, the SFV leaners stretched only 1.5-2 times their height. They all have strong vertical branching. The SFV leaners have a very strong piney kush funk with undertones of onions and citrusy sweat in flower. The Sangria Punch leaners are a great blend of Sangria Punch & SFV OG as far as the smell and flower structure.


How Does It Smoke – Potent smoke that has a nice kush flavor with hints of leather. Very relaxing body stone that creeps into couch lock and munchies.


Growing Notes – The Sangria leaners need a nice defoliation at the beginning of flower and once again around day 21. The SFV leaners didn’t produce too much foliage, however still could use  good defoliation in early flower. They have strong branching but will need supports.

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