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Hoe Punch

Hoe Punch.jpg
Hoe Punch Close Up

Hoe Punch

Exclusive Limited Edition


Lineage - Tahoe OG x Sangria Punch


Flower Cycle: 63-70 Days


Yield: Medium to High


15 Regular Seeds Per pack


Morphology – Strong vertical branching plants with good nodal spacing. Stretch Ratio 2:1 to 3:1. Grows golf ball flowers stacked all the way down the branches. The flowers have a high bract to leaf ratio. She has very swoll bract flower that is very caked in resin glands. Pungent floral kush with citrous aromas.

How Does It Smoke – Thick kushy smoke with a citrous undertone.  Very heady and will chill you out fast. Heavy long-lasting effects.


Growing Notes – Strong vertical branching will need support due to the hefty flower weight. Medium to light feeds is all it needs. To avoid small larf buds, strip the lower third of the plant around day 21. Keep innner growth removed or to minumum to avoid shaded spots.

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