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Lineage - Cherry AK-47 x Sangria Punch

Flower Cycle:  65-70 days

Yield: High 

15 Regular Seeds Per pack

Morphology – Very strong structured plants that have 1.5:1 - 2:1 stretch ratio and strong vertical branching. The plants produce very large buds that are covered in greasy resin. The smells range from cherry fuel, cherry citrus, and acrid cherry. The shorter plants are more like the AK and the tall plants are a good blend of the AK and Sangria Punch.
How Does It Smoke – Smooth and sweet on the inhale, pungent sweet hash exhale with cough drop to candy cherry notes depending on selection. 
Very heady relaxed buzz that hits you behind the eyes and relaxes the body. Still upbeat enough to not be stuck to the chair. 

Growing Notes – Not picky, median to light feeds will get them fat. Supporting is a must, these Chi-Chi’s get huge.

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