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Local Skunk F3

Local Skunk F3
Local Skunk F3

Local Skunk F3

Lineage- Original Diesel x (Cuddlefish HP x Sour Diesel IBL) x (Skelly Hashplant x SSSC Skunk1)

Flower Cycle: 63-70 Days

Yield: Medium High – High

15 Regular Seeds Per pack

Morphology – Produces strong structured plants with vertical branching. Plants stretch 2:1 – 2.5:1 ratio. The plants will form large chunky colas with nice golf ball size and larger buds down the branches. High bract to leaf ratio makes it easy to trim. The smells range from skunky pine to oil rag and burnt rubber gas. The flavor can range from earthy pine hash to sour hash. 

How Does It Smoke – Local Skunk has a stout punch immediately to the head and right behind the eyes. The buzz is a very cloudy stupefied mind and a very narcotic body stone. Munchies on the couch 90’s throwback weed.

Growing Notes – Can be grown single cola or multi headed bush. Grows great using the SCROG technique. Local Skunk grows great with a median feed regimen.

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